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I’m Talia, and I created this podcast because I think kids my age don’t get a good enough education on how to manage money. This is something we should be learning and talking about now so we’ll be better prepared for the future.

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I don’t know about you, but I always love the opportunity to make more money. But making more money is not always a straightforward task if you’re not receiving a raise or promotion at work. This episode, I’m going to talk about the benefits of creating multiple streams of income and give some examples of how you can begin doing this as a teenager.

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If someone told you, you could make money while you sleep, would you believe them? Getting paid without actually doing something sounds really out there, but jobs that pay that way are more common than you may realize. This week, I’m going to talk all about passive income.

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Learning the basics of money as teens helps us create good saving and spending habits today and take advantage of investing for tomorrow.

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Many parents struggle with their own finances and want to have constructive conversations with their teens about money.

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Teens don't learn much about personal finance in school. Teachers can use this information to better prepare their students.